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Today's mistake. Factory Mode
Posted to Technical Tips Forum on 6/3/2014 12 Replies

Shop requested programming for new replacement BCM on 2012 Focus. I downloaded the configuration from the old BCM, and loaded the new unit. Programming was very different than usual Ford programming. The dash did not light up until the programming was 90% complete. A little disconcerting at first glance. At the end of programming, a message on the laptop screen with final instructions; the last being to follow online directions. All codes cleared, I set the TPMS, vehicle started 8 times. Looked good to go, so I left for the next job.

45 minuted later, I get the call, Focus will not consistently start, remotes do not always work and no dome light. No codes pulled, I must return to check this vehicle.

No problem, hook up the IDS, there are 4 communication codes; 2 abs, pcm and tcm. I reprogram the pcm and tcm, clear codes and start car 10 or more times. BUT the message center reads "Factory Mode". ASSUMING that the message pertains to customer choices in the BCM, and seeing no codes, I hope that I have finished. 5 miles down the road; the same call, "No start".

I realize that all my testing/starting was done with the IDS attached. No IDS, no start. Now the tech sees the "Factory Mode" message and goes to the shop's information system for an explanation. Not sure how/why the vehicle got reprogrammed into the "Transport" mode, or "Factory" mode. A simple procedure, key/brake/hazard switch, placed the Focus into "Normal" mode.

There are instructions in the oasis system; but no mention in Identifix nor IATN. Yes, there were 4 U codes; but no other mention in the IDS. Nor did I see any other online instructions.

Last week I was asked how long have I been programming cars. My answer, "long enough to make every mistake twice". I do not think I will make this mistake again.

Michael from New Jersey

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car Vehicle Data

2012 Ford Focus SE 2.0L

Engine2.0 L
Trans6-speed Automatic (Electronic)