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Intermittent Phantom ABS
Posted to Technical Tips Forum on 6/7/2011 14 Replies

I've had 10 of these GM platform vehicles in the last 2 months with a complaint of phantom ABS and/or ABS/Traction lights illumating on turns. Out of the 10, only one (05 Lacross) had a history code of C0240. Some were quick to duplicate and others (like this Lacross) could easily of been NPF's

Being they were intermittent and since I've seen this before, I went straight to the wiring harnesses for the front sensors, where they connect with the sensor. This is what I found on all 10 of these vehicles.

First I marked the conduit in the middle of the bend [L/F mark] and this particular L/F is good [Good sheath] as the sheath is still intact. Looking at the R/F I find this [ABS sensor wiring] The broken sheath inside the conduit is a dead givaway. After removing the sheath I start bending the wire and have found that if it will only bend this far [Bending wire] then that particular part is good. So continuing down the harness I bend here and get this [Broken wire] If it bends together like this, you've found your break. Notice the insulation is intact. On this Lacross both Right side wires were broken [Both broken] Simple wiring repair is all that's needed.

Out of the 10 this is the only one that had both wires broken. 7 had 1 wire broken on the R/F, 1 had 1 broken on the L/F, 1 had wires broken on both sides, and this 1 had em both broke on the R/F.


Darrell from Tennessee

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