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04 Ford F-150 5.4 Spark Plug Removal
Posted to Technical Tips Forum on 11/25/2009 58 Replies

Most iATN members are aware of the Ford 4.6, 5.4 and 6.0 spark plug breaking issue. Having the same frustration, even when following the Ford service bulletin I have added some steps that seem to help aid in the removal of the plugs without breaking.

The Ford service bulletin 08-7-6 which updates 08-1-9 is of some value, as I follow those steps after doing some prep work.

This is what I do.

1: Explain to Owner that this is a long process and they will need to be without their vehicle for two maybe three days. I try to convince owners not to exceed 80,000 miles for spark plug replacement interval.

2: The first morning run engine to operating temperature and remove the crankcase vent hose, the small one on the passenger side of the air cleaner housing.

3: Either use a pedal jack or have helper hold throttle to 2,000 rpm. Using suction spray nozzle, spray GM upper engine and fuel injector cleaner #88861802, into the vent port on air cleaner housing. After 3 ounces have been used and while still spraying have helper shut engine off. (throttle still held open)

4: After sitting for 1 hour repeat step #3 after running engine to operating temperature.

5: Before closing on day 1, Repeat step #3 again after running engine to operating temperature. Place vehicle in the bay in which you intend to work. This allows engine to cool overnight to ambient temperature as necessary.

6: Day 2 start plug removal process.

I also add the following steps to the next phase of plug removal.

1: Break the plugs 1/8 turn only, then fill to hex of pug with penetrating oil. I use PB blaster. After 1/2 hour tighten plug and loosen 1/4 to 1/2 turn be sure penetrating oil is still to the hex of the plug. After 1 hour, tighten plugs and then work them out alternating loosening and tightening.

I have found that while removing the plugs if they squeak, they come out intact. No squeak and they are broken.

Using these additional steps I have been able to remove plugs with no more that 2 breaking. Some 1 and others none. I may be doing more work than necessary but it is a pain to remove the broken tips.

Speaking of removing broken tips, the tool that I have found to work the best is the Lisle #65600.

I listed this as 04 F150 because this is the vehicle that I just finished. #6 broke, all others came out intact. This applies to other Ford vehicles.

Hope this helps make it easier for some Members.

Thomas from South Carolina

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