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Re: Smog question
Posted to Technical Theory Forum on 3/10/2015

I inspect and work on vehicles at that jagged edge between road-worthy and junkyard-worthy, and have done so for decades.

I used to fail OBD1s that coded during ASM/TSI, but was specifically told by an update instructor to hold off until the MIL functional test _after_ ASM/TSI, which has a key cycle off and on between. I then asked him how long should the MIL stay off KOER during functional for a PASS, and he frowned and said nothing. Breaking that silence, I asked him if 30 seconds was okay, and he said that sounded about right.

I have BAR-97'd about 20,000 vehicles over the years since, and there have been many dozens of close calls here, on both sides of 30 seconds.

Michael Barry
Quick Stop Smog & More
Sacramento, California, USA