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Pressure tranducer testing at fuel pressure regulator
Posted to Technical Theory Forum on 8/22/2010 33 Replies


Lately ,I have been doing more testing at the fuel pressure to compare and to recognize problems.However, I am getting some mixed results on interpreting the waveforms. For instance I was working on a 1996 windstar with a rough idle . Here I just want to discuss this waveform with transducer at fuel pressure regulator. [Waveform] In this waveform, a=synced from cylinder 2 (2ndary) b=first look at pressure regulator seeing injector pressure drop .1996 ford winstar 3.8 .This engine fires sequentially 142536 (waveform shows 253614) bad injectors? I have a parts van with same engine and changed out all injectors and the pattern didnt change much. Is this pressure testing at regulator not a very solid test to do?

I checked another car that did not have any driveability issues.

2001 altima wiith 2.4 engine. Taken at idle with 1st look transducer .Sync in red is from number 1 2ndary. The 1st look sensor is in fuel pressure regulator with vacuum plugged. Here is the waveform. [2001 Nissan Altima GLE, Waveform]. I cannot make any diagnostic decision form this. 2 more from same car instead I am using the pico transducer. [2001 Nissan Altima GLE, Waveform] This is from the same recording but what in the world is happening here? [2001 Nissan Altima GLE, Waveform].

Is this testing method not a consistent valid test?

Mark from Ontario

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