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Re: Mind Chum number 13 Early Industries fatal hazards
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 5/7/2017 7 Replies


I inherited soft teeth. So as I was growing up usually a dentist appt. every month or so to fill a cavity or refill a filling that had fallen out.

The dentist would offer me a treat after a session either a lolly-pop or a small vial of Mercury. Usually asked for the Mercury so I could rub it on coins and make them shiny. When I would drop it on the living room rug. ( Today that rug would have been a EPA hazardous sight VBG)

Think it if I had dropped that amount in a school today they would close that wing until a hazardous team cleaned the area.

He was giving the treats out because until I went to another dentist a 18 I was never given Novacaine. Just held on to the chair while he drilled with that cable driven drill. He had a newer Modern drill but reverted to the old one when going in deep.

Just the way times were back then.

Robert Harris
Technician/Technical Information Specialist (Retired)
Robert Harris
Alvarado, Texas, USA

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