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Re: need tractor od mower for steep terrain... advise needed
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 5/2/2017


Solid fill tires hold better on hills. Also as long as the carcass is not damaged ( still have tread left) you can take them to a Bandag tire capped) then you will have a tire with a Semi Truck tread depth. Some what expensive at first but pro rated over the life of the tire worth it IMO. I had some commercial mowers that the tires out lasted the mowers of over 10/12 years.

A plus is never dealing with flats again. I actually had a mower rip the side wall on a foam filled Tire. About half way around the mower was used 6 days a week for 11/2 years before the foam started breaking up enough to replace the tire.

I even had the mower deck wheels filled and capped before put in service. Original tires would last less than a year. Filled And capped tires would Last 6 years plus and this was at a cemetery where a mower used 6 days a week and each marker was like hitting a chuck hole every 2 to 6 feet.

Had to totally replace the 72'' commercial decks every 3 years when repaired and welding could not save the downtime, verses replacing the deck. What cemetery mowers take in 6 months Would not equal 10/15 years in a home mower.

Just remember that a mower sold at Home Depot is not of the same quality that say a Kubota is at the dealer. Even if you chose the non commercial deck. You may pay more upfront but the payout is long term. IMO

Robert Harris
Technician/Technical Information Specialist (Retired)
Robert Harris
Alvarado, Texas, USA