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Repair Rant: A Proper Reply For a Repair
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 2/14/2017 18 Replies

Ok today I replied to a tech needing help and one of the replys that was posted before mine was kind of a rant on repair Protocol. So I join in and put my 2 cents in on it as what a proper reply should be . I use iatn as a last resort in trying to repair my customer vehicle in a proper manner . So when I see or have a reply to just replace said part to make my life easy I will dismiss this as a repair option until i can properly inform my customer of what is needed. Now the techs that are posting (just replace it with a used one or a new part ) are of no help to me i could just do that with every car that comes in the door but these tech still post it and revive a good standing within iatn. I know some times it is more cost efficient for the shop just to replace a part but this in it self cause some issues. I feel it should be left up to the customer on how he wants to spend his money on his repairs example I have a car with the tcc locking up at idle (100k car) do i just tell the customer to A: replace with a used trans because it is the easy way B: have his rebuilt because it carry the best warranty C: find the core problem and possibly just replace a tcc solenoid and stand behind my shops work (because i have professional techs working for me) so this leads me back to what is a proper reply for a repair in ( tech help )

Scott Warren
Universal Cable Construction Inc.
West Chicago, Illinois, USA

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