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Re: Slow learner?
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 3/7/2015

To add to Jake's list ,a little ,when I signed on to become an automotive tech , the shop also had two tow trucks, being the low man on the list , I got all the "gofer " jobs ,including driving the tow trucks, there was one light duty , one heavy duty . I returned with one for shop work , a no - start , I called the shop owner over , after I opened the hood , found the ignition coil wire had been unplugged and grounded to the engine . He told me to just leave it that way , I would see why in about ten minutes , the auto owner staggered in to the shop , yes , staggered , and got really belligerent , because we could not make his car go . When he pulled out his " spare "key , staggered out to the car , opened it , and then ran the battery dead , that's when the shop owner looked at me and said " Do you get it now , kid ? " It turned out that his neighbors had gotten tired of his behavior when he was drunk , most of them had kids as well ,and one was an automotive technician , he had figured out a way to open the car , quietly , open the hood , and ground out the ignition coil wire . Then he would close it all up and go back home . It saved a couple of kids in his neighborhood from being run over , when this guy was so wasted , he couldn't even stand up .Talk about on the job training , that one was a real eye opener .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada