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Re: Hyundai Sante Fe AWD V6 2008-12
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 3/5/2015

To add to what Dean had summed up , and he called it right , they run like a Swiss watch , but they're a little light duty for me , I prefer something with a little more cohones under the hood .My son in law bought one , low mileage , he's on the road a lot , my youngest daughter , his wife , drives it as well in bad weather . They also take frequent road trips , family trips , the mileage piled up , it was serviced on time , every time , no exceptions .The clutch finally gave out , it had the 5 speed manual trans , that's when things got serious . They were not happy campers when they got it back , it had gone beyond warranty ,it put a big dent in the bank account . Mike would be further ahead to give it a second look , think about what's going to happen when this stuff starts to occur .And in Mike's part of the woods , I used to work near there ,{St. Williams Forest Station } , he will be using alternate transportation , until the parts come in .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada