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Re: Merry F ing Xmas part 2
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 1/1/2015 2 Replies

And , once again , Bruce , I have to say a big Thank You , to you , my friend , you've helped me clear out a lot of baggage , I thought had been dealt with a long time ago . You did this a while back , when the s**t was getting deep , and I damn near quit a job I actually like to be at . It's something about construction , in the good weather , you can't put a price on being out in the fresh air , getting the smell of fresh turned earth , the smell of fresh cut lumber , and I get to work with what Significant Other calls My Big Tonka Toys - I wouldn't dare say that in front of the boss , it would take him about a half an hour to calm down .I'm not only a shop foreman , like you , Bruce , I'm also a crew chief , and recently , we got signed up with a local District Christian High School tech department , we have become an extension of the trade training school , as a satellite test school , and I have two trainees , who want to become diesel engine , and heavy equipment specialists , and they have signed me on as an associate instructor , senior member , with special benefits and privileges , in regards to the high school .I also strongly insisted , that they include our home site here , iATN ,and they finally agreed to it , and , once they looked it over , they couldn't say enough good things about it .And I have you to thank for all of that , Bruce , if you hadn't have talked me out of packing it all in ,it never would have turned out the way it has , and yes , you're right , if we stoop to their level , and get down and dirty with these disgusting mistakes for human beings , we're no better than they are .On top of that , as I said earlier , I'm the only guy there , who is a member of iATN , and I sure don't want to make our home site look bad .If I can ever arrange it , if Significant Other will agree to it , and the boss will give me the time off , and I can get enough time down , to return to the USA , even if only for a visit - I used to live in DeLand , Florida , when we come thru Brunswick , Georgia , if you're still there bud , I'll call ahead , to see if you have some free time , and maybe we can shoot the s**t for a little bit , or not , depends on your day , there ,you tell me your favorite brand , you get a cold six pack on me , no questions asked . Thanks again , Bruce , it's good to have other , as they say , brothers , from other mothers , who help keep your head screwed on straight .Hang in there , bud , it will get better , and from what I remember about American law enforcement , if it is still that way , with any luck , Deputy Dog and his buddies will be out of work , and you'll get some real enforcement there . We can only hope , right . Take care , bud . Good luck .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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