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Re: Merry F ing Xmas part 2
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 1/1/2015 4 Replies

Yes , you're right , Bruce , as always , and , once I got settled down , that brought back a lot of bad memories , mostly nightmares , I had a long stretch of time then , trying to get our stuff back where it belonged , and in good running order ,we were under contract to the big box store company ,they had one rule - no work , no pay . I figured I'd better call you back , and try to explain what happened after that , in a rational , and practical manner . I really don't want to get tagged on the forums as a cranky old technician , with homicidal tendencies , who is not allowed to get near firearms , 'cause he might use them on somebody , when he is having a really bad day , and is thoroughly pissed off . I am the only rep from our group ,iATN ,in that local area there , and I don't want the folks around here , to think we are a bunch of hired killers , who will put an end to you if you don't pay your bill . The local police force recommended we install hidden video cams , with a dual power supply , in the event the hydro was cut , and yes , they cut the hydro lines and broke into the shop , helped themselves to a lot of expensive shop equipment , then they cut the fuel lines on a John Deere 544H bucket loader I had in the shop that was in for some electrical/electronic malfunctions ,set fire to it , stole one of our company trucks , loaded it full to the sides of the box with mechanic's hand tools , mine included , and took off , figuring they had a pretty good haul . They didn't know we had sprinklers in the shop , that put the fire out , and oh , they shot the owner's dog , he was in the shop , he didn't make it out of that mess OK , he died in the line of duty , and that really upset me , he was my buddy in the shop .That got ' em , Bruce we had installed our own version of GPS locaters in the trucks , I forgot to tell you , they also filled the rad in my service truck full of bullet holes , I couldn't even do a service call ,until I got a new radiator for the truck .They say those old Chevy 6.5 diesels are pretty hard to kill , they're right , Bruce . One new rad in my old horse , it was good to go again .The other thing the local police did for us , they gave us a bunch of these little canisters , and if there is a break in , they are designed to go off , after a preset time , and everything gets sprayed or coated with an invisible dye , that cannot be removed , or washed off , for at least three to four days and shows up , under a UV light.The boss located the truck, again with our own GPS , it was another Chevy 2500 Duramax Diesel , these "specialists" were picked up , again heading for the US/Canada border .These turkey farts are gonna be a guest of the Canadian legal justice system , for a long time to come .The only part that really hurt , was when we had to bury Barney ,that was our shop dog's name , every one of us held a little service for him out at the back of the property . The boss ,summed it all up , I think , for all of us , when he said , " Well , fellas , it's a good thing those jerks are in jail , under police protection , and he looked at all of us , and said , " I know there are a few of you here , you included , Roger , who would like to track them down , and string them up ,from the closest tree , but ,as your boss , to all of you I'm ordering you to stand down , and let it go "That was one of the toughest things I ever had to do Bruce , that really hurt , Barney was like a big friendly kid , to the people he knew. I talked about this with my oldest brother , Bruce , the one who'd been in Korea , and Vietnam , and fought side by side , with the US Marine Corps , he said , " Your boss is right , Butch [ he always called me that ] in the military we call that collateral damage , don't let it get to you " .Anyway Bruce , as always , you are right , bud , until we can collectively come up with a better way , there isn't much else we can to , to try to keep this type of crap under control. I just hope that karma will come back , and bite those sorry specimens of the human race , in such a way , that they will live to regret it , for a very long time to come.

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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