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Re: Merry F ing Xmas part 2
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 1/1/2015 8 Replies

And it wasn't just me that got cleaned out , Bruce .We suffered a major setback , at work , lost a lot of equipment , the kicker there ? It happened just after the boss had ordered in a tandem trailer loaded with brand new , fresh out of the store , electric start , self propelled snow blowers . Hadn't even been started yet .As was his way of doing things , he told everybody on staff , me included , that I had a free , prepaid meal waiting for me , at a Montana's steak house , to show his appreciation , for the way the crew was holding together , during that winter . As things happen , from time to time , my younger daughter called , she said she wasn't feeling too good , would I pick her up , from a local college near here ,and return her to Brantford , in order to get medical assistance . I relayed this to the boss , we all had two way walkie talkie type phones , he said " Go look after your daughter , I'll bring a meal back for you " I then told him I'd checked the forecast , it didn't look good , and , with his permission , could I use the company truck he provided for me , to pick up my daughter , return her home , and then I would start my service run . I am not allowed to say who it is , but we provided our services , to a big box store , and we had equipment set up , and on site , in cities like London , Woodstock , Cambridge , Oakville , and Toronto , to give you a short list . My service truck was a Chevy 3500 6.5 diesel , loaded for bear , had four wheel drive , cruise , air , tilt steering wheel , a 500 gallon diesel fuel tank on its back , and a rolling inventory in 8 tool boxes , 4 on each side of the tank , a real home away from home for a tech like me .This is where things got a little weird . There were no problems ,in servicing the initial three sites , starting in London , and working my way back to Toronto ,but when I got near home base , I called it in that I was low on fuel , in the big fuel tank , was returning to home base , would refuel , and then go back out .Got to the shop , refueled the service truck , checked the shop ,looked around , noticed some tire tracks in the snow ,looked in , saw the trailer full of snow blowers wasn't there , figured the boss had sent them out to be set up on different sites .Went to the next series of sites , there was something missing from each site , not small stuff , we're talking things like Bobcat skid steers , Trackless snow machines , and what was left behind had had water dumped in the fuel tanks . It' a no brainer right ? Diesel engines , water in fuel , sub zero temps , all no starts , sorry about your luck .End of story ? The guy behind all this , was sitting down ,4 chairs away from the boss , chowing down on a fresh steak dinner the boss had bought him . What he didn't know , was that the boss had me come in , and install our own system of GPS locaters in the larger machines , they all had battery backup , in the event the hydro supply was cut , and it paid off . He went to his office computer , punched in the numbers , the whole load was sitting in a truck stop parking lot , near the Canada / USA border . The guy already had them sold .You can imagine Bruce , he probably needed a fresh change of undershorts , when the law enforcement went around to pick him up . His "associates "for lack of a better word , gave him up , as soon as the law showed up . There is justice , Bruce , is what I'm saying , sometimes you have to be a little creative , in how you get it .If Deputy Dog and his buddies can't get too energetic about it , there are other ways .Hang in there bud , it will get better . Take care Bruce , we're rootin' for you , don't take that s**t layin' down . Let 'em know they've got a real load on their hands to deal with . Good luck .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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