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Re: Merry F ing Xmas part 2
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 12/31/2014

I don't consume anything illegal , Bruce , I'm not even allowed to have alcohol , part of the post heart attack meds the doc keeps me on . Significant Other won't even let me have a hot dog , unless she checks the filler content first . It's an old military expression I learned from my older brothers , " If you can't confuse ' em with your bulls**t , dazzle 'em with your footwork '" I figured , if that little display of technobabble would slow her down , even a little , that would buy me enough time to finish up my power supply for my computer [ this place I'm at now is bad for hydro flares ] , and then I could fix her dishwasher , and it paid off . I figured it would keep me out of the doghouse for at least a little while longer , and I wouldn't have to throw my hat in the door first , when I got home from work . She is my best friend , my Significant Other , but sometimes it seems I open my mouth just long enough to change feet . Hope things improve for you there soon , Bruce , , and, to quote another military expression I learned from my older brothers , " Don't let the little s**t get to you ,and don't take any s**t from anybody , and you'll come out ahead every time . " There were times at work , where I am now ,like we talked about a while back ,when I started considering whether or not the job was worth it , and you cheered me up, Bruce , when you said "It sounds to me like a case of the tail wagging the dog , instead of the other way around . " And you were dead on the money . When I clarified the issue at the shop there , things settled down pretty fast .I'm only trying to return the favor , Bruce, it's a lousy set of circumstances you're dealing with , let 'em know they're dealing with somebody who doesn't go for that s**t . Take care , bud , hang in there.

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada