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Re: Merry F ing Xmas part 2
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 12/31/2014 27 Replies

Hope things turn out better for you than they started off , Bruce .Just to give you a short afternoon chuckle, I was working on a spare power supply for my computer here , my Significant Other strolls into my hobby room , she tells me the dishwasher shut down , and she has that look in her eye , like , you give back the wrong answer , you're in a lot of trouble . I had to think , really fast , rigged up a series of containers in the sink , started a slow water feed in to the top one , then a series of small drain hoses , from one to the other , till it drained off the bottom one , and down the drain . She still had a severe case of Optimus Rectimus [old military expression I can't translate here ] , so I told her it was an idea I got from a gentleman in South Texas , one of our members , I didn't mention his name . She said " What's this ? " . I replied , " This dear , is a mechanic's device we use at work from time to time , it is called a Hydraulic ,Gravitational Flow , Solution , Dilution Device , and it works really good , and it saves a lot of time , [ and under my breath , I'm saying , and I hope , my bacon too ] ." That's when the eyes went blank , there was silence for a moment , and then she said ," OK ,that will do for now ." And , with my fingers crossed ,behind my back , I'm thinkin' ,that will keep me out of the doghouse , for a little while longer , I hope . There is an old construction expression , Bruce , which says " There are two kinds of mechanics in this line of work , the quick ones , and the dead ones . " You know , sometimes I wonder if that applies to relations with the Significant Other at home .You take care , Bruce , have a Happy New Year , from my house to yours , hope things turn out good for you .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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