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Re: Merry Xmas you F Ing thief
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 12/27/2014

And here I thought I was alone , in that kind of mixup , Andy -Used to live in a condo in Brantford , found out the landlady's son was a convicted drug user , drug dealer , you get the idea - he couldn't be jailed , he told the law up here , he had cancer , hep C , flesh eating disease , you know the rest - He broke in to my apartment while I was at work , pretty well cleaned me out , then had the brilliant inspiration , to try to sell my stuff , to a fellow wrench bender in town here ,who knew me - He called me , filled me in , on what was going on . I called the law , told them what happened , they sent down a traffic cop , he takes a report , end of story ,part one . I heard the other day , this " expert " od'd at home , same condo , and after they came and took the body away , a couple of weeks , later , the landlady , wait for it .......gets a bill , from the government agency , which oversaw his disability pension , for 15,000 Canadian , as they claimed he was defrauding the pension payout system .And the last I heard , the agency was going to attach the debt , to her condo , either she pays it , or they will force some sort of collection process on her .I told my friend from Modesto , California , who lives here , in the summer , He says " Rog , I see this in the USA all the time - The inmates are running the asylum , and they're loving every minute of it . "

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada