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Re: What good is this stuff?
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 11/20/2014

For what it's worth to you , Albin , from one old wrench bender to another , if you can do it there , try to find alternate solutions for the problem - I had a similar conversation with Gary G. one night some time ago about the same problem - we're close to being about the same age , I've had several work related accidents over the years , construction equipment , as you well know , is unforgiving and if you are not on top of your game , the big toys [better half's description , not mine ] , will hurt you and quickly - ask me how I know - one of my nephews has had so many types of meds for his pain problem , similar to yours , and mine , that his kidneys are almost shot , and the docs up here can't do much more for him - it's gotten down to just a matter of time now - I was fortunate enough to have a relative , thru marriage , who specializes in alternate therapy treatments , and she set me up on a program , which took a little time to get used to , but it works .One of the drawbacks is getting used to the different type of treatment ,Albin , some of the stuff I have to use tastes like it came off the bottom of a log skidder , but it does a good job - definitely an acquired taste - one of the boss's types of equipment we have to work on is a John Deere 544H bucket loader , he has several of those , I also have to service a Case 4490 tractor , you know how big they are , you just don't make mistakes with stuff that big -That's why I wanted something I could use to keep the problem down , and still have a clear head - Good luck Sir , hope you come out of this OK - Take care , keep on wrenchin' -

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Green Park Services
Brantford, Ontario, Canada