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Re: The white Momma cat
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 6/13/2014 4 Replies

We had moved to a house in the country , not too far outside of town , one of the girls was old enough to be out in the baby buggy , the other girl at the time was still in the crib . It was a warm Sunday afternoon , took the older girl out on the front porch , settled down with a book and a coffee. There was a big black crow that kept flying down , landing on the baby's buggy , kept trying to jump down in the buggy , I kept chasing him off , he kept coming back . I finally went in the house , got my .22 cal pellet gun , looked just like a German Luger , gas [CO2] powered . Held very still , he came back again , squeezed one off , he went down with a lot of noise . Wife heard the noise , came out , saw the crow on the front lawn making a lot of racket ,she went back in , got a bottle of isopropyl alcohol , went out on the lawn to the crow , said " Awww , poor crow , did he shoot you ? " and then poured the alcohol in the bullet hole . The crow let out one last loud screech , his buddies up in the trees decided it was time to leave , problem solved . She didn't understand that the isopropyl alcohol wasn't going to help things .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Riverside Landscape Contractors Inc
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

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