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Re: All opinions are truly welcome
Posted to Open Discussion Forum on 6/12/2014

I'll keep it short , Bruce , the guy with the final answer is you , no offence intended . If the new place puts more greenbacks in your wallet , that's a good start . If it shows promise , it might be worth staying there , improvements can be made as you go along , it would sure beat working for a tightwad , who won't bend or try to better the situation . Plus you won't have to scramble to make ends meet , which would relieve some of the pressure at home . You might even be able to work it up into something worthwhile , obviously the kid is coming to you for help . Whatever you do , sir , good luck , and keep us posted .

Roger Rutledge
Technician/Shop Foreman
Riverside Landscape Contractors Inc
Brantford, Ontario, Canada