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2001 GM Transmission Diagnostic Parameters 4L60-E, 4L80-E (except with diesel engine)
Posted to the Waveform Library on 11/20/2015

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GM 2001 4L60-E, 4L80-E (except with diesel engine) (3.8L L36 / K 4L60-E F Camaro, Firebird, 2.2L L43 / 5 4L60-E S S-pickup truck, 4.3L L35 / W 4L60-E G Savanna, Express, 4.3L L35 / W 4L60-E C/K C/K-truck, 4.3L L35 / W 4L60-E S/T, M/L, S/T S/T-truck, M/L-van, Blazer, Jimmy, 4.8L LR4 / V 4L60-E C/K C/K-truck, 5.0L L30 / M 4L60-E G Savanna, Express, 5.3L LM7 / T 4L60-E C/K C/K-truck, 5.7L LS1 / G 4L60-E F, Y Camaro, Firebird, Corvette, 5.7L LS6 / S 4L60-E Y Corvette, 5.7L L31 / R 4L60-E G Savanna, Express, 5.7L L31 / R 4L80-E G Savanna, Express Heavy Duty, 5.7L L31-HD / R 4L80-E P, 4P-truck / chassis, W-series tilt-cab Medium Duty (Isuzu NPR), 5.7L L31-HD / R4L80-E G Savanna-20,30, Express-20,30 Heavy Duty, 6.0L LQ4 / U 4L60-E C/K C/K-truck, 6.0L LQ4 / U 4L80-E C/K C/K-truck, cab/chassis Heavy Duty, 8.1L L18 / G 4L80-E G Savanna, Express Heavy Duty, 8.1L L18 / G ML6 C/K C/K-truck Cab/Chassis Heavy Duty) . TRANSMISSION DIAGNOSTIC PARAMETERS. Reprinted on iATN Courtesy of General Motors. Copyright © General Motors. Do not reproduce or redistribute without permission.

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