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Configuring Security Software for iATN Browsing

Some security software can cause problems when viewing certain areas of iATN. This page will show you how to configure various popular software programs to allow you to browse iATN unhindered.

Ad-blocking features in Norton Internet Security (NIS) and ZoneAlarm can cause pages on iATN to appear blank, or even erase certain links from the page view. (This is largely due to our use of the word 'sponsor' as part of our URLs in the sponsoring member areas of the network.)

Some network security software programs allow you to block "cookies" (or do so by default). This will prevent you from being able to access the members-only area of iATN. In addition to the pages below that explain how to configure popular internet security software programs, we have created a page devoted to enabling cookies in your browser. That page will help you test to see if cookies are working, as well as what to do if they're not. (It also includes a Cookie FAQ.)

Another feature that gets enabled quite a bit is one that removes some information that your browser normally sends to our site, called the "HTTP-Referer header." This header simply tells our site the URL of the page you just linked from. This information is crucial for certain areas of our site, and can cause problems if this information is not being passed correctly. (You may have encountered an HTTP-R error while browsing iATN -- this is the cause.) If your software blocks this header information, our site will think you entered certain areas without linking from other areas of our site, which we require in certain cases to prevent abuse.

If you are using any of the following Internet Security Software, please click on its name to view information on how to configure it to work with iATN, and allow you to use the site as intended.

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If you have any questions, please contact iATN Support.