MARCH 1, 2001

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Brea, CA — To say an Internet web site is valuable is one thing; it is quite another to financially support it because the value and benefits are so tangible and strong.

That's exactly what many International Automotive Technicians Network (iATN) members are choosing to do, citing iATN's overall value to the automotive repair industry and its tangible, real-world business benefits as reasons for upgrading their free memberships to "sponsoring" and financially supportive status.

"Being a sponsoring member of iATN not only makes it easier to use what is already the most cost-effective automotive information source, it helps ensure that it [the network] will continue to be there for you," said Chip Keen, a sponsoring member from Washington.

iATN, an Internet-based communication, networking and information resource for automotive technicians and repair shop owners from around the world, relies on members to foster and support the iATN mission — to promote the continued growth, success and image of the professional automotive technician by providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and the promotion of education, professionalism and integrity.

Sponsorships are available for both individuals and businesses serving the automotive service and repair industry. While the reasons for sponsorship vary from member-to-member, many choose to support the network solely because they value the camaraderie that iATN generates among its members.

"The automotive service industry is a very fragmented world," said iATN Founder Brent Black. "The iATN network brings these professionals together to promote their industry and solve some of the problems that affect it. It really builds a sense of community and members find that very attractive."

"Sponsoring iATN is the right thing to do and the most inexpensive investment in our future personal and professional development," remarked a California sponsoring member, echoing Black's comments.

All iATN members, regardless of sponsorship level, take advantage of iATN's free features, such as the technical email help system (TechMail), web forums and on-line live conferencing. At the sponsor level, members gain access to iATN's real-world, fully searchable Knowledge Base. The value and benefits of this feature alone often lead members to renew their sponsorship.

The iATN Knowledge Base contains real world technical information, which is one of the greatest needs in the automotive service industry. This collection of automotive repair databases is an incredible technical service resource, full of automotive repair solutions, many of which are fully searchable by vehicle year, make, model or keywords. Sponsoring members routinely use this Knowledge Base to aid in the challenge of repairing today's complex automotive systems.

The Knowledge Base has a searchable Waveform Library made up of more than 4,200 images. The personal file library system allows sponsoring members to upload, store and sort waveform images for easy access. The Knowledge Base also has Web Forum Archives with well over 200,000 searchable iATN forum messages, a FIX Database of previous repairs exchanged and shared on iATN's technical email help system (TechMail), and TechNight Live Conferencing Transcripts. Additionally, sponsoring members receive an iATN web page as part of the sponsoring membership fee. These web pages are showcased in the iATN Shop Finder, a service that allows consumers to find an iATN member shop to service their vehicle.

To become an iATN member-sponsor, technicians must first register for the free service by joining iATN as a regular member. Automotive professionals may join iATN from the public website ( 24 hours a day. Once the free membership is activated, members have the option to upgrade to sponsoring member status directly from the members only website ( )at any time.

Corporations interested in becoming an iATN industry-sponsor (advertising) should contact: support. For additional information about iATN, including the latest membership statistics, visit iATN at

iATN is supported by the automotive industry's top manufacturers, information providers, suppliers, associations and publications. These industry sponsors, along with sponsoring shop and technician members, make the iATN possible.

The iATN Mission of Excellence: To promote the continued growth, success and image of the professional automotive technician by providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and the promotion of education, professionalism and integrity.