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Snap-on Automotive Diagnostics Tools and Vehicle Repair Information

Snap-on tools is driven to deliver quality automotive diagnostic tools and information solutions that help technicians successfully diagnose and repair vehicles. When it comes to getting the automotive diagnostic information you need now, you simply can't beat Snap-on tools to get the job done. To get more information, or to purchase Snap-on tools, please visit our web site at:
Snap-on MODIS System, Modular Diagnostic Information System  
Snap-on  MODIS System
Snap-on MODIS System top 20 tool award
Powerful, Fast, Easy.
Introducing MODIS, a new and innovative diagnostic platform that lets you pinpoint and diagnose today's sophisticated vehicles faster. The MODIS system incorporates the Color Graphing Scanner scan tool and Fast-Track Troubleshooter software; the industry's only experience-based troubleshooting software. The MODIS system also features Snap-on's powerful new 4-channel lab scope with Coil-on-Plug ignition capabilities and a powerful Digital Graphing Multimeter built into a common architecture with expandable ports. It's a hand-held with everything you need for today and tomorrow.

Learn more about the Snap-on MODIS system
Snap-on Scanner Automotive Scan Tool  
Snap-on Scanner Automotive Scan Tool No other scan tool even comes close to putting this much automotive diagnostic power in the palm of your hands. The Snap-on Scanner scan tool displays live data and complete trouble code descriptions for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, many BMW and Mercedes models and most Asian Import models. The MT2500 Snap-on Scanner and MTG2500 Color Graphing Scanner also support Generic OBD-II vehicles through current model year. With Snap-on's complete line of system specific Fast-Track Troubleshooter cartridges, the Snap-on Scanner has the ability to diagnose Engine, Transmission, Body, Airbag, and ABS systems.

  Learn more about the Snap-on Scanner automotive diagnostic scan tool
Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter  
Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter The Snap-on Vantage Power Graphing Meter is a component-testing powerhouse that combines a graphing digital multimeter with a diagnostic database. It's like having access to a complete library of shop manuals for testing engine-management components, transmission sensors and components, and ABS systems.

  Learn more about the Snap-on Vantage power graphing meter
MicroVAT Battery, Starting and Charging System Tool  
MicroVAT Battery, Starting and Charging System Tool MicroVAT can perform a sequential system test that includes the battery, alternator and starter in under a minute; most individual tests take just a few seconds. Snap-on MicroVAT takes advantage of new Impedance/Current test technology to detect the full range of battery failure modes including bad cells, sulfation, internal shorting, and other chemical and physical failures. Along with the diagnosis, MicroVAT delivers detailed starter, battery, and charging system test data that you can view on the MicroVAT's LCD, print to wireless printer, or save in memory for later review and analysis. What's more, MicroVAT data can also be downloaded to a PC and then viewed with Snap-Link.

Learn more about the MicroVAT Battery, Starting and Charging System Tool

Snap-on is an industry sponsor of the International Automotive Technicians' Network (iATN).

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