Bosch Diagnostics
Bosch Diagnostics offers a complete line of Underhood and Undercar diagnostic products for today’s automotive service professionals.

Bosch Diagnostics (as Vetronix) was founded in 1984 with the introduction of the very first OEM serial data scan tool, and soon became a leading supplier of diagnostic products for the global OE and aftermarket automotive service industry. In 2003 Vetronix was acquired by ETAS, a subsidiary of Robert Bosch, GmbH.

In 2006 the Vetronix Aftermarket Group was integrated into the Bosch North American Aftermarket Group, now Robert Bosch LLC. In 2007 Bosch Diagnostics combined the strengths of the world’s largest automotive supplier with Vetronix, a world leader in automotive diagnostics to provide a complete automotive service solution for the aftermarket. This solution includes diagnostic tools and in-depth software, integrated service information, expert training, technical phone support and quality Bosch parts. In 2007, Beissbarth was acquired by Bosch and that entire line of superior Wheel Service equipment was added to the Bosch Diagnostics family of products. In 2008, Bosch acquired Accu Industries, and with the integration of Accu-Turn Bosch Diagnostics is now a major player in the Wheel Service segment of the automotive aftermarket.

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